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moms at work helps working mothers and their employers create jobs they love in incredible workplaces.

Equity is not a statement. It is an action.

Check out the ways below that you can create change for yourself and in your workplace!



Networking, Career Change, Returning to Work from Maternity Leave. Whatever you are looking for – we have a course for it! Our courses range from short self study courses to 2-6 week group courses as well as our incredibly engaged membership group, The Moms At Work Insiders.

Our courses are perfect for anyone who is wanting to grow in their career, is feeling lost, trying to find their next thing, need to brush up on interview skills and everything in between!

Our newest courses include:

 – Building and Nurturing Your Network

 – Nailing Your Job Interview 

 – Ready to Return (for moms heading back from maternity leave)


Twice a year applications for our exclusive membership group open. Moms At Work Insiders is an intimate but powerful group of women who are ready to create a truly impactful network, feel supported in their decisions and work on topics like - imposter syndrome, condifence, career change, growing or starting a business and more!

Who it’s for:
Have you been looking to grow your network? Find mentorship? Feel like you truly belong in a cocoon of support and “YOU GOT THIS” (really that is what it feels like).

What’s included:
So much! Weekly office hours, biweekly coaching calls, a book club, done for you networking events (virtual right now), guest experts, support, awesomeness and friendship. You never knew that growing your career or your business could be so fun!!


Need 1:1 help to get you a new job, take the next step in your career, change careers or grow your business? We can help with that!

Who it’s for:
Sometimes you just need someone who gets it. Someone who can help you make decisions you have been taking forever to decide. Maybe you have been trying to find something more flexible? rewarding? not soul sucking? something that let’s you drop off your kids at school? (maybe all of these?)

I get it! I have helped hundreds of people start businesses, get that promotion, learn how to negotiate like a pro and so much more. I love what I do – let me help you do that too!

What’s included:
Allison Venditti is a Career Coach, HR Expert and mama to 3 little bears. She is also your secret weapon in helping you create a career that you love. 

Let’s work together!!! Find out which coaching package is right for you.


Does your company need help creating programs, finding a speaker or setting up an event for working women or parents? Do you need help creating impactful policies, procedures or other human capital projects? Our team of consultants are experts in creating programs to support companies from start ups to Fortune 500 organizations.

Find out how we can help you!

What do we do:
Led by Allison Venditti, CHRP, CHRL our team is stacked with experts in Human Resources, Recruitment, Accommodation, policy and procedure development, as well as specialists in creating and participating in exciting events, panels and more.  

Who we have worked with:

Start-ups, Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Legal, small businesses, Manufacturing, Construction & Engineering and everything in between (we could name drop…but we don’t need to impress you with names!).

Featured in:

Read more kind words from clients

  • “THANK YOU. Working with your Moms at Work Insiders group has given me new tools to understand how to more effectively network and job search. Has given me the confidence to ask for what I want and understand some of the constraints that come along with working moms. Most importantly, the importance of advocating for myself and all working moms. 

    It has been motivational. The program has managed to find an amazing balance between casual and structured. This allows me to be involved and still meet the other demands on my schedule. The content, delivery, and other members create such a valuable community, that checking in and keeping up with it easy, as if you were meeting your friends for a coffee and a good talk.”

    – Veronica Y.
  • “Moms at Work is like this magical place that’s always there when I need it – whether I’m looking for a place to vent, a place to learn, a place to connect with other working moms. I’m not a natural networker, so I love that I don’t have to ‘ask’ for help, the group is always there.”

    – Eloise T.
  • “Allison has created a safe, judgment-free network of women who support each other, and help each other rise up to become who they want to be. Allison has strong convictions and sticks to them – because she wants to make the workplace better for women, and ensure that we’re treated equally within the workplace. She has opened my eyes to things I didn’t realize existed to the extent that they do, and given me the strength and courage to ask for what I’m worth.”

    – Kim N.