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moms at work

We help working mothers and their employers create jobs they love in incredible workplaces. Equity is not a statement. It is an action. Check out the ways below that you can create change for yourself and in your workplace!


Applications for our exclusive membership group open. The Moms At Work Collective is an intimate but powerful group of women who are ready to create a truly impactful network, feel supported in their decisions and work on topics like – imposter syndrome, confidence, career change, growing or starting a business and more!


Salary Negotiation, Networking, Career Change, Returning to Work from Maternity Leave. Whatever you are looking for – we have a course for it! Our courses range from short self study courses to 2-6 week group study.


Need 1:1 help to get you a new job, take the next step in your career, change careers or grow your business? We can help with that!


Does your company need help creating programs, finding a speaker or setting up an event for working women or parents? Do you need help creating impactful policies, procedures or other human capital projects? Our team of consultants are experts in creating programs to support companies from start ups to Fortune 500 organizations. Find out how we can help you!