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Webinar Series

We just finished a series of webinars in Moms at Work and so many of you asked to buy them we said SURE! So buy our webinar bundle! 

All the recordings just for you!

Introducing the WEBINAR SERIES

6 courses - all for you

 Salary Negotiation – Career Change – How to beat imposter syndrome – Salary Negotiation Part 2 – Returning to Work after a career break – Starting a business
(Please note due to the nature of these courses they are NON REFUNDABLE) 

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The webinars include the following:

Salary Negotitation 101 – introduction to feminist salary negotiation and more

Imposter Syndrome is Bullsh*t – we talk about the notion of Imposter Syndrome, how to deal with it and next steps to take (with Stacia from the Skills Audit)

Career Change – the highlevel but deep dive into what works, what doesn’t and why you really don’t need to go back to school to do it

Salary Negotiation Level 2 – Equity, Stocks, Salary and more – we break down the topics and issues that you need to know before you grow

Returning to Work After A Career Break – an overview of where you are and what you can do next as you return to work after a break!

Starting Your Own Business – Not the “how” because that is what the internet is for but what to avoid and how to make sure you are set up for success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope – all or nothing! These will be for sale for 30 days and then poof gone. 

Nope this a one time offer! Then they are gone.

Maybe? But if I do it won’t be until much later in 2022 – so I suggest now!

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