Financial Planning Package

$499.00 +hst

At Untangle Money our goal is to make money easier for you to understand. We know that money can be an uncomfortable topic for a variety of reasons, so we’re proud of you for reading this. When you’re ready, we look forward to working with you!

  • Can I afford to retire?
  • Can I afford to buy a house?
  • How will having a baby impact my finances?
  • Debt repayment plans
  • Can I afford to divorce my partner?
  • Intake forms and pre work (either single attendee or a couple)
  • First session x 1 hour
  • Second follow up session within 2 weeks x 30 min
  • Baseline budgeting and planning

Sessions will not be recorded.

Additional 30 minute sessions can be booked at $99 each.

For every $1 a man has in wealth,
a woman has 32 cents. Let that sink in.

This means that women are far more likely to retire in poverty, and this is NOT ok. We deserve a better future than this.

Women’s financial lives are fundamentally different from men’s but the financial services industry has not been actively meeting the needs of women. This has created a wealth gap. 

Untangle Money aims to close this wealth gap by helping women quickly, simply and affordably understand their Now Money and their Future Money, through welcoming online financial roadmaps, specifically made by-women, for-women.

Your Feminist Financial Expert

Meet Kristine

Helping women with money is what Kristine was meant to do in life. As the CEO of Untangle Money, her vision is to help close the wealth gap. She will never stop trying to find an affordable way to make the financial lives of women easier to understand and manage. 

Her background in finance includes seeing the epicentre of finance in Canada on RBC’s trading floor, figuring out stock price recommendations for RBC in the UK, and helping to construct a mutual fund for a boutique firm. Before that, she was an engineer in the Oil and Gas industry out in Calgary. She is a graduate of both Ivey and Queens.

Kristine Beese (she/her), P Eng, MBA

Co-founder and CEO, Untangle Money

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