The Career Change Webinar

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Dear Amazing Woman Feeling Stuck in Her Career,

It is time for you to stop feeling bored, uninspired, taken advantage of, and just downright STUCK in your career.

You CAN make a change.

And NO.
You don’t have to make less money.
You don’t have to start at the bottom again.
And you don’t have to go back to school.

These are the thoughts that are KEEPING you stuck!

Hi! I’m Allison, founder of Moms at Work and Career Coach Extraordinaire.

I have coached hundreds of incredible women who have stayed in their careers for longer than they should have because they couldn’t see the way out.

I help guide you out the door and into a new career that gives you everything you want – more time, more money, and more respect.

You will leave this webinar with an actionable plan to make that career change you’ve been dreaming of.

In this webinar, I take you through the EXACT steps I walk my 1:1 clients through.

You will learn:

  • The biggest barriers people have when changing careers and how to get past them
  • Why mid-life career change is different than any other career change
  • Whether it is worth it to go back to school
  • My EXACT process for how to identify career paths and make a choice (yes, an actual choice will be made!)
  • An hour long webinar on career change, guiding you through the exact steps you need to take to leave your job and start a new career path.
  • A PDF Workbook to fill out
  • A recording of the webinar to refer back to

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WHEN: Right after you purchase

WHAT:  A Career Change Webinar guiding you through your next career change.

WHO: Allison Venditti, Career Coach and Founder of Moms at Work.

WHERE: On your computer!

HOW MUCH: $99 (+hst)

"Changing careers is tough. Doing it while on Mat Leave is tough. Doing it during a pandemic is tough. [...] I started with a lofty dream of leaving the world of teaching, and with the love, guidance, and encouragement from Allison and the Collective, I landed the dream job, asked for more and doubled my previous income. Yes. You read that right."

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