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Salary Negotiation Workshop

Where do you start if you don't know the salary?

Do you know all that it is more than just salary?

Are you ready to ask for more at your next review?

Do you know how to find out how much you are worth?

If the answer is no - then you need to be here!

Women are on average paid 15% less than men.
Mothers suffer a 5% loss in salary
for each child they have.

I have one thing to tell you. You are underpaid.

Learn the things that HR doesn't want you to know - and get ready to make more money. Right. Now.

Have you been thinking…

I feel uncomfortable when it comes to negotiating?

I don’t even know what to ask for?

How do I know if I am underpaid?

How do I bring this all up?

Can I ask for more money during a pandemic?

Wait – I am not supposed to just be looking at Glassdooor? (Yeah, that is a hard no.)


what if you could...

Learn how to negotiate even before you step into the interview.

(Wait – you knew you could do that right?)

Learn from a Career Coach and HR expert who has supported 100s of women and 100s of employers in this process.

(Seriously, I am going to teach you all of the secrets corporate doesn’t want you to know.)

Review actual job offers to teach you how to respond figure out what you are missing and how to ask for more.

(So that when you get an objection or feel stuck you learn how to move through them.)

Learn the systems and how to break them down.

(Pay transparency, pay equity, and how different organizations handle salaries [government, corporate, non-profit and more].)


Salary Negotiation Workshop

I have worked with hundreds of women and men in over 100 different job roles and across most industries and despite what everyone tells you there are skills you need to ask for more.

And you should be asking for more.

My workshop is an intimate and impactful session designed to teach women the things they forgot to tell you in school. (Thanks for cursive writing – this would have been more helpful.) 

More than money. Titles. Bonuses. Paid Leave. 

In our time together you will get access to me!  – It is like having a coach in your pocket! With dedicated time to ask all your questions and sample job offers for you to dig in and try on your own.

Resources, my mini course on negotiation and more.

Let’s get you more money. 

$99 + HST

here's what you'll get

An exclusive workshop so you have dedicated time to learn, ask questions, and dig into the material.

$99 + HST

sign up now for one of two sessions


Tuesday April 27, 2021 –  10:30am –  12:00pm


Thursday April  29, 2021 – 8:00pm – 9:30pm

$99 + HST

What People are saying about the course

Working with Allison was the best investment I made for myself. Over the last 2 years I have increased my salary over 40K and have a new Director title that I didn't even know was possible. I never knew these things and I wish I had done this ten years ago.

Emma C - Communications

The salary negotiation course opened my eyes and showed me all the things and times I should be negotiating. In the last year I have negotiated a 8K pay raise, paid time for studying and a half day off every second Friday. I wouldn't have even thought that was possible!!!

Sarah G - Administration

frequently asked questions

Yes. Those books fail to recognize the fact that you are a woman and that we are treated differently. Even women’s negotiation is done wrong. Don’t worry, we will fix that. 

Two times with me – I teach, you listen and ask all the questions. I will walk you through sample offers, case studies, and homework so that you can not just learn, but practice too!

The world of work has shifted. Full time is no longer standard. While we will not talk about how to set your rate – I will talk about how to build it. Things you need to consider, how to find out your worth. What things to consider when taking a contract role and more.

I will give you a small piece of advice. No one is comfortable with anything when they start. So let’s just start! That is how magic happens.

READY to UP Your Negoatition Game?

Join me now.