MAke More Money

Salary Negotiation

Canadian women earn 89 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Racialized women earn 59.3% less than a white man is paid.

The wage gap means that, if you are a woman, from 2:40pm on you are working for free in any given work day.

For every child a woman has, you can add a 5% wage reduction to her pay.

You want more. You deserve more.
But asking for it can be intimidating.

You don't have to do this alone

Women rarely negotiate and when they do it rightfully causes stress and anxiety. By getting help you will get the support you need to make these important decisions and have conversations in ways that work FOR YOU. Salary negotiation is not one size fits all - you need to find a way to ask for more that works. Together we can do that.

Negotiation is a PROCESS

This is not a single conversation. Average salary negotiation involves going back 3-4 times with changes. We have a lot of bargaining chips to use and can add a lot of things to the offer. It can be overwhelming but when you have the chance to earn thousands of extra dollars a year I think we can deal with some of that if we do it together!

It is more than just salary

Negotiation for salary is WAY more than just salary. What is your LTIP, MTIP, bonus structure? What about benefits, flex time, vacation pay, coaching, home-office budget. Never asked for a signing bonus? We have so many levers to pull to bring so much more to the table. This is not an investment in you - this is an investment in the number one way you make money, for your family. Time to do this right.

Hi! I'm Allison

I have negotiated for employers for over a decade. Tech companies, healthcare, legal, non-profit. You name it I have negotiated for it. I was taught to negotiate by the best and now I want to flip the script and use all those tools and knowledge to help you. 

In 2021 in 10 months I negotiated over 2 million dollars in EXTRA salary for women. I have already reached that number 4 months into 2022 and I want you to help me add to that number.

The Wins

Here are just some of the results I have helped women achieve.

How it works

Step 1

Sign up. After you pay we will deep dive into your compensation history, benchmark it, look at compensation variables and other additional benefits.

Step 2

Allison will review your offer and do research into other options. Allison will be hands-on helping you craft the perfect responses and counter offers.

Step 3

You have 2 weeks access to email support, and a follow up call

Salary Negotiation

$ 997
  • 1 coaching call
  • Email support for 2 weeks
  • Correspondence review

Salary Negotiation

Senior Level (for salaries over 100K)
$ 1497
  • 2 coaching calls
  • Email support as needed
  • Correspondence review