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People are tired of “sign up for my free webinar” and downloading tools that don’t actually tell them anything (but try and sell you a $10,000 course that promises to make you a million dollars).
These mini courses are my clap back to all that nonsense.

Introducing the ebooks

5 courses. $9 each.

I wrote down the top 5 topics people ask me about all the time – as a Career Coach, business owner and Return to Work expert. They want to know how to do these things but don’t even know where to start. 
And then you know what I did? I wrote some short ebooks. Yep, I just told you all of it. The steps to start your business, how I manage career change with my clients, salary negotiation and more. 
So I am very happy to present my SO YOU WANT TO series. A custom collection of easy to digest products for when money is tight and time is precious. For when you just want the answers! This is a great place to start. So come on – let me show you around.
(Please note due to the nature of these courses they are NON REFUNDABLE) 

so you want to make a career change

The number one question in my job. Guess what? It is not “pick job, apply for job then get job”. It is actually backwards, and I will tell you how to start when you don’t know WHAT you want or how to do it.

$9 + HST

so you want to learn about salary negotiation

We will cover the who, what, when, where, and why of salary negotiation.

$9 + HST

so you want to work for yourself

Want to  start a side hustle, become an entrepreneur, or try freelancing – but feel overwhelmed or full of self-doubt? I get it. I give you all the facts and how to start. 

$9 + HST

so you want to find and land remote work

Welcome to the new world of remote work! With companies catching on – here are the places and resources for you to find remote work!

$9 + HST

returning to work after a career break

Have you been away from the workforce for a few years? Looking to get back in, but aren’t really sure what to do first? Then this is the place for you to start.

$9 + HST

Want them all?


Frequently Asked Questions

2020 rocked people’s world. Maybe you are not ready to commit to coaching, maybe you just don’t have the time and maybe you just want some answers. You can start here. As I always say – just start!!

Yes – all yours forever and ever.

No catch! Just real advice. Real actionable items. All yours.

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