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the moms at work manifesto

Moms at Work is a community, education and advocacy group. Our mission is to support women in their careers, end the motherhood penalty and create change through legislation, advocacy and campaigns designed to promote and educate.

Our goals include the following:

  1. Legislate pay transparency in each Canadian Province. Pay transparency has been proven to close the wage gap for women and BIPOC. Current legislation has been written in Ontario ( we will advocate to make it law. 
  2. Re-enact the protections in the Employment Standards Act that were laid out in Bill 148 which were repealed by our current Conservative government under Premier Ford. Rights that were removed include: legislated hike of the general minimum wage from $14 an hour to $15 an hour effective January 1, 2019, instead freezing the minimum wage at $14 an hour until October 1, 2020, at which point it will be adjusted annually by the rate of inflation; entitlement to Personal Emergency Leave (PEL), which currently provides employees with ten days annually of leave (the first two of which are paid) to attend to personal or family illness or other urgent matters, and substitutes for it three unpaid sick days, three unpaid family responsibility leave days, and two unpaid bereavement leave days; the right to equal pay for part-time, contract, temporary, and temporary help agency workers vis-à-vis full time workers; Bill 148 had a particularly large impact on the temporary help agency industry. Because the legislation required temporary agency workers to be paid the same as permanent workers, it made the use of temporary agency workers much less economical for employers. 
  3. Make employers publish their maternity and paternity leave packages online for prospective and current employees to review. This allows candidates to make an informed choice about the employer.
  4. Legislate Keep In Touch Days to allow women the opportunity to continue to be engaged in their workplace without impacting their Employment Insurance (KIT days can be used for training, attending a conference, participating in a project etc). These days are completely optional and similar legislation exists in both Australia and the UK 
  5. Revision of maternity leave as it applies to the self-employed – give women the ability to stop and start maternity allowance so they can pick up work to keep their business going.
  6. Partner, support and collaborate with other organizations to carry out further research into pregnancy and maternity discrimination. In order to assess the impact of ongoing legislative changes and cultural shifts caused by groups like Moms At Work, the government should carry out regular research into pregnancy and maternity discrimination. This also serves to hold employers to account and keeps the conversation in the public domain.
  7. We will partner with vetted and well established organizations, non-profits and educational institutes to support and research as it relates to motherhood and work. All research will be made publicly available.
  8. Make all jobs flexible by default. Create specific guidelines as to what that includes (remote work, core hours, job share, reduced work week etc) Require employers to state in job postings what type of flexible working is available. If no type of flexible working is available then they must lay out the exceptional circumstances as to why.
  9. Force employers to monitor retention and promotion of women when they return from parental leave. Collecting, analysing and publishing data can be an effective way to ensure companies adapt their internal processes so they work for women returning after maternity leave.
  10. Return to Work – the return to work process for maternity and paternity leave should be managed the same as other return to work processes. Parents should be provided case management, clear instructions and assistance to transition back to work. The process should be policy within each organization. (Please visit for how we can support you and your organization to make this change)

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