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land your next job

How do I get my resume noticed? How do I build a professional network? How do I follow up after an interview? Are there things I can do to help me get a promotion?

These are things that I get asked ALL the time. So I asked myself – why are people not taught these skills?
Why is there not a place where you can get all these answers?

I then I came up with an answer – Land Your Next Job.
This is the place.
Learn these skills.
Get the answers.

You have read the Career Books. Googled resume tips. Asked a friend how they negotiated their new salary. You have questions and EVERYONE seems to have an answer. 

But how do they know?

I wrote Land Your Next Job after over 12 years of experience in HR and coaching. After sitting on hiring committees for over a decade. After negotiating salaries on both sides of the table. After reading THOUSANDS OF RESUMES. After working with companies and knowing what they are REALLY looking for.

Land Your Next Job has the answers. 

Think of it like insider knowledge. Resources and worksheets. Years of HR, Coaching and negotiation experience dropped into one place.

self-study courses

building & nurturing your network

Building and nurturing a professional network is how people move into great jobs, start successful companies and grow professionally. I share the resources and methods that helped me find new jobs without a resume, grow a side hustle into a full time coaching job in my second year and MORE.

how to create a great resume

Resume templates, key words, summary statements OH MY! Resumes have gotten complicated in the last few years. Let’s walk through what makes a great resume and help you build a resume you love!

how to nail your job interview

Don’t know how to prepare for an interview? Want to know how to follow up? What questions to prepare for? Need to know what questions to ask the panel? Join me as I teach you the answers to all these questions!

salary negotiation & more

Do you know what to ask for in a salary negotiation? Do you know all the other things you can ask for other than money? I will teach you the most common mistakes people make in salary negotiation, provide a list of ALL the other things you can be negotiating and set you up for negotiating success.

how to progress in your career

Are you ready to make a plan? Tired of staying stagnant and ready to take your next step? This course will give you the tools and tips to teach you how to make your next big move.

special bundle price

Land Your Next Job consists of 5 individual self-study courses for you to do where and when you want! You can purchase each course separately OR buy them all and save!