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Moms at work

community and support for working parents

Moms at Work is Canada’s largest and most trusted community of working moms

We help women succeed in their careers by providing training, solutions-focused programming and support

meet allison

It was a few years ago when I was sitting reading yet another article about working mothers and how WE needed to change. How WE could work to fit neatly into the box that is work and I had enough.

Moms At Work was born. What started as a group of 50 women has grown to an active Facebook group with over 9 000 Canadian women. We support each other, cheer each other on, hang out at events, share job postings and advocate for the change that we want to see in the world.

But wait! Who am I? Right…..

I am the founder of both Moms at Work and a Career Coach at Careerlove, mama to 3 little boys and secret weapon for moms looking to create careers they love.

I have spent over a decade in Human Resources, coaching and consulting and in a super niche specialty as a return to work expert. I have interviewed over 2000 applicants for jobs, helped over 800 people return to work after maternity leave, injury and illness and coached individuals into more senior roles, new careers and new businesses. I have worked with companies ranging from 5 – 10,000 employees in industries ranging from consumer packaged goods, marketing, banking, tech, startups, engineering, non-profit, health care and government.

I may be the world’s friendliest person. If I have met you at the grocery store, in line at Starbucks or at my kid’s school, we are probably friends now.

Our Advocacy

We tackle systemic challenges affecting women in the workplace through strategic partnerships and public awareness campaigns.

Our Team

Founded by Allison Venditti, career coach, HR expert and advocate for women in the workplace, Moms at Work has grown to include a large network of advisors and consultants and the following core team members:

Allison Venditti

Founder & CEO


Colette Abbot

Director, Partnerships & Programming


Shafina Coehlo

Facilitator, Coach & HR Professional

Kiera Doherty

Business Manager

Press & Media

Speaking & Events

Looking for a collaboration, a speaker for your next event, panel member or expert for your article?

Allison Venditti, CHRP, CHRL is a regular speaker, facilitator, author and quoted expert for companies, media, events and more.

Topics / Areas of Expertise

Salary negotiation
Pay transparency & equity
Motherhood and work
Career change and transitions
Maternity and parental leave and how to improve the process
Diversity and equity (focus on persons with disabilities and women)
Improving recruitment and retention by improving company policies and procedures