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Our courses and webinars are designed to give you the tools you need to take the next step in your career. Online, flexible and packed with information they are a perfect to work on after bedtime, during lunch hour or during afternoon nap.



Join us as we teach you the skills you need to launch your career, make a change, and more.

2022 topics include:

Salary Negotiation Masterclass | Leadership & Executive Salary Negotiation | Linkedin Masterclass | Advocacy 101 –

land your next job

Investment starts at $49

How do I get my resume noticed? How do I build a professional network? How do I follow up after an interview? Are there things I can do to help me get a promotion? If these are the types of questions you’re asking – this is the course for you!

ready to return


Ready to Return is Canada’s first and only comprehensive program designed to support companies create supportive and structured programs to help you from pregnancy to maternity leave and back to work. This ensures that all you have to worry about is YOU and your little one – leave the rest up to us! 

mini courses

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Bite size courses for all the things you want. Career Change, Maternity leave planning, returning to work after a careeer break and more!

What People are saying about the courses

Ready to Return was the best investment I made during my maternity leave. I was ready for my discussions about what I needed and how my company could support me. I negotiated a flexible ramp up schedule for the first 2 months back which really eased my stress levels. It went so well my company asked me to share my secret and help them develop a plan!

Ashley R. - Marketing

Land Your Next Job provided me with so many answers to questions I didn't even know I had. The salary negotiation course opened my eyes and showed me all the things and times I should be negotiating. In the last year I have negotiated a 8K pay raise, paid time for studying and a half day off every second Friday. I wouldn't have even thought that was possible!!!

Sarah G - Administration