The Advocacy Fund

From the start Moms at Work has been doing it differently.

Our one and only goal was to represent YOU.

The overworked Mom.
The undervalued Mom.
The underpaid Mom.

We’ve been told to get sponsorships.
We’ve been told to apply for not-for-profit status.
We’ve been told to just raise our prices.

woman sitting on red couch

But everything felt like it would take us away from our mission, which is to tear apart this patriarchal world and build it back up so women can thrive.

Introducing: The Moms at Work Advocacy Fund.
A fund to improve the working world for mothers.

This fund will help us do what we do best, advocate for YOU.

In the past this has involved:
-a roundtable with the Prime Minister of Canada and Deputy Prime Minister
-interviewing each provincial candidate about their policies on maternity leave and affordable daycare before the election.
-passing legislature regarding EI and maternity leave rights.
-gaining over 2M in salary and bonuses for our members through our PWYC salary negotiation workshops.
And so much more…


  • Opportunity to voice your feedback on advocacy projects
  • Invite to our Biannual Team Meetings
  • Copy of our Annual Impact Report (including financial reporting on use of community funds)
  • Merch discount codes
less than your latte & muffin


$10 Monthly


$25 Monthly

Small Business Champion


As a Small Business Champion you will get all the perks of being a supporter, plus special benefits as a fellow small business owner:

  • Listing on the Moms at Work business directory on the MAW website
  • Business Directory will be linked to from our Instagram page (link in bio)
  • Business Directory will be linked to from a pinned post in the FB group
**Moms at Work reserves the right to not approve businesses not in line with our mission (Multilevel marketing etc)**

Rubyann Buckner Legacy Fund


Named after Allison’s mom. For those of you who believe in us the same way she would have.

  • All items from other membership tiers
  • Thank you note from founder Allison Venditti
  • Recognition in our Annual Impact Report

Community Fund

Below are the levels which you can join – no matter your financial contribution you will be entitled to the same perks and benefits. Community members are asked to select a level that they are able to support.

We have included a one-time give button. If you hire someone for your company, get a referral bonus by hiring a member, get a client or get a raise or new better job through our community we ask that you give back either by increasing your monthly amount or by giving a one-time fee.


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