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moms at work Collective

the working mom community
you have always wanted

We are ready for more... are you?
More connection. More real experiences. More professional support.
We are not just a membership. we are a movement.
We are more than a professional network. We are those people who will step up for you. And we are looking for women who want to be a part of this.
We want you here. With us.
Conversations on topics and themes that impact YOU. A group that will grow and change based on what YOU need. Whether you are in a corporate job, freelancer, small business owner or just trying to figure out what you want.

membership benefits

The Moms at Work Collective is a safe digital space to connect and collaborate with other professional women based on your interests, industry or location. As Canada’s first professional association for working mothers, we are dedicated to creating change for our community.

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$ 39 Monthly
  • Membership Access
  • Billed automatically each month


$ 350 Yearly
  • FOUNDERS SPECIAL: SAVE $49 until Dec 31st
  • $70 off the monthly price
  • Billed Annually

Many employers will cover the cost for networking groups and professional development. Download our customizable letter to submit your request to HR or management.

If your employer is interested in sponsoring multiple individuals please reach out to us and we can assist in setting up billing.

See our collective platform in action below

Let's talk about how moms at work is evolving
to a safer, richer, more connected space

Moms at Work started as a 300-member Facebook group to support women in career transitions. With nearly 10K members, the Moms at Work community has grown to be so much more.

So why are we transitioning to a membership model?

The short answer is, so I can continue to serve our community in a way that is more sustainable, both for me personally (to avoid burn-out), and for my business.

Facebook has limitations and as a feminist organization, we have issues with data collection and control. Our new platform makes connections and conversations so much easier.

We’re calling it the Moms at Work Collective because as mothers, we’re stronger together. Juggling a career and kids is tough. Knowing that everyone’s situation is unique, the best way we can support our community is by creating a safe space where we can learn from one another.

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frequently asked questions

We talk about work. Tough things that require a safe space. We want there to be a good cross section of individuals and levels of people and most importantly we want to grow people who want to grow with us!

No! We would love to have you join us – no baby required. Moms at Work is a safe space for women and female identifying individuals.

The Moms at Work Collective reviews and responds to applications three times a year (mid-Jan, mid-May and mid-Sept, with the exception of our founding members intake in November 2021). We reserve the right to deny or wait-list any application.

Insiders is a smaller, more intimate group with a focus on career coaching. While we continue to run our Insiders program, we are considering making it a premium membership offering down the road if it makes sense.

I will admit that I talk a lot about 9-5 life but about 40% of our members are starting a small business or are already growing one.

You see there are groups for entrepreneurs, groups for new moms, groups for those who have been off work for a long time but no space where we can all meet each other.

I truly believe that the most powerful networks and learning comes when you are surrounded by people who have a common goal. Our goal is to help you grow – professionally, personally and together.

YES. Times a thousand. The reason is that I made this is because…it didn’t exist. A group that is all for you. With support and a community space that no other group or professional association can offer you. A safe space to really do some work. New – innovative – personal.

Yes! Moms at Work on Facebook is a great place to hang out but not a great place to try and make professional connections, ask personal questions or feel as though you are in a safe space! (hello advertising and data stealing). I hope that you saw what I was capable or creating on my own in a free facebook group. Now imagine what I can do with help in safe space! I want to get to know YOU! Can't wait :).

Nope! Moms at Work is all about connections, accountability and support. BUT!!! If you want MORE support we have small intimate accountability groups you can join (no extra charge!) because sometimes you just really really need accountability 😉