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moms at work collective

We see it every day
Moms constantly being told they can have it all.
That they need to "lean in"
If they just work harder they can get that promotion.

The Struggle Is Real

  • You want to grow your career but you don’t know where to start.
  • You are ready for a leadership role, but how do you even do that?
  • You know you should be making more money for your role, but how do you even ask?
  • You want a real mentor but are struggling to find someone who gets it – you know, a careerist who is also a Mom.
  • And even more so, you are tired of hiding your personal life from your professional life.


You shouldn’t have to NOT talk about your kids at work.  

You shouldn’t have to pretend that you are NOT a professional on the playground.

And you are so exhausted from trying to move up in a system that wasn’t created for you – while also packing the lunches and filling out the forms and taking the sick days – that it can feel like you are just spinning your wheels.

We see you, and we are here for you. 

We are the Moms at Work Collective and we’ve got you

"Allison has created a safe, judgment-free network of women who support each other, and help each other rise up to become who they want to be. She has opened my eyes to things I didn't realize existed to the extent that they do, and given me the strength and courage to ask for what I'm worth."
Kim R

Hi!  I’m Allison.  A career coach with 20 years of experience in HR consulting, an advocate for pay transparency and EI legislation, and a Mom of 3 boys.  I created Moms at Work because, after the 10th networking event that was scheduled at 3 pm (prime school pick-up time) I recognized that professional women’s organizations were not built for mothers and there had to be a better way.

So, I created my own.

Moms at Work is the world’s first professional association for Mothers.

But even more than that, it is a one-of-a-kind space that helps you connect with other professional women who are also parenting.

Grow your salary, your job title, and smash the patriarchy by learning to support all women – all at the same time.

Here are some of the results our members have achieved

  • Salary Increases of 30%

  • 25k in bonuses

  • Landed jobs without applying - finding roles through Collective connections

  • We have added 2 million dollars into our members’ pockets in 2021. Salary negotiation works.

what members are saying about us

But most of all...

We are creating a group of women who can advocate for change.

The workplace is not designed for you.

Women have been taught to undervalue themselves in the workplace.

Women have been taught that they need to compete with each other for space in the workplace.

Women have been paid less than their male peers.

Women have been forced out of workplaces after having babies.

Women have been denied job titles.


 We are here to change that.  All of it.

We need powerful women in community together fighting for systemic change. We created that community. 

We give you the confidence to KNOW that you deserve more and that you have rights.

We give you the confidence to make the decisions that are right for YOU.

If you want to make change in the world and make more money while you are at it, join the Moms at Work Collective today!

So, now that you know a little bit about us, let’s show you what you get with your professional membership (which, you can claim as professional development with your employer – click here to find out how).

Networking with other Moms in Leadership roles – we like to call it Feminist Nepotism 😉 Our group is an incredible community of women making change in their organizations and in charge of hiring decisions.  If you are hoping for a new role, or to advance your position, these are the women who are going to help you get there!  We also created mini accountability groups for you to join if you want a smaller group of moms to connect with.

1 year access to our custom platform – (it is like a perfect combo of FB & Slack) no ads, no trolls, no fear of your posts getting leaked – just kindness and support.  Our platform is moderated by professionals who know what they are talking about.  You won’t be getting answers from random dudes on the internet.  You can take a sneak peek of the platform in the video below.

Monthly LIVE calls with guest experts –  Want to know how to ask for that raise? Want to learn how to create an equitable division of labour in your household? Want to know your legal rights if you lose your job while on Maternity Leave?  Our guest experts have got you!
Past experts have included – Eve Rodsky – NYT Best Seller of Fair Play, Karen Jensen – Pay Equity Commissioner of Canada, Kandace Sanders – Founder of the Black Women’s Equal Pay Network.

Monthly ‘Ask Me Anything’ calls with me, Allison – Sometimes you just need advice about something happening in your workplace.  Sometimes you just need an ear about a career move you are looking to make.  This is your chance to pick my brain.

A vault of recorded content – If you need to miss a webinar or guest expert call, OR you just want to revisit some of the talks, we’ve got you.  All of our content is recorded and stored for you to take advantage of when you can.  No need for FOMO.

BONUS: Remember that 2M of salary we gained for our Moms at Work Collective members? You can add to that number by booking a 1:1 session with Allison at a members’ rate (starting in March!).

See our collective platform in action below

It is almost impossible to switch careers without knowing people who work there and find out what it is like. I moved from education to a technical leadership role. People ask me how I did it - I tell them I did it with Moms at Work. My community made introductions, pushed me, and helped me land interviews. Oh, and Allison helped me get a 10K signing bonus. Run don't walk to get in here.
Tech Leader
We are ready for more... are you?
More connection. More real experiences. More professional support.
We are not just a membership. we are a movement.
We are more than a professional network. We are those people who will step up for you. And we are looking for women who want to be a part of this.
We want you here. With us.
Conversations on topics and themes that impact YOU. A group that will grow and change based on what YOU need. Whether you are in a corporate job, freelancer, small business owner or just trying to figure out what you want.
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$ 59 Monthly
  • Billed automatically each month


$ 649
  • Get one month free by paying up front
Cost Savings

Many employers will cover the cost for networking groups and professional development. Download our customizable letter to submit your request to HR or management.

If your employer is interested in sponsoring multiple individuals please reach out to us and we can assist in setting up billing.

frequently asked questions

Expert moderators - accountants, parenting experts, lawyers and more. Get the answer from a pro not some random person on the internet.

Accountability groups (optional) if you want deeper connection and a team to cheer you on.

First look at anything Moms at Work puts out - you will be our VIP always 🙂

No! We would love to have you join us – no baby required. Moms at Work is a safe space for women and female identifying individuals.

We review all submissions to ensure that you are here to be supportive, kind and that you are in line with our community goals and beliefs. 

Insiders is a smaller, more intimate group with a focus on career coaching. While we may run our Insiders program, we are considering making it a premium membership offering down the road if it makes sense.

I will admit that I talk a lot about 9-5 life but about 30% of our members are starting a small business or are already growing one.

You see there are groups for entrepreneurs, groups for new moms, groups for those who have been off work for a long time but no space where we can all meet each other.

I truly believe that the most powerful networks and learning comes when you are surrounded by people who have a common goal. Our goal is to help you grow – professionally, personally and together.

YES. Times a thousand. The reason is that I made this is because…it didn’t exist. A group that is all for you. With support and a community space that no other group or professional association can offer you. A safe space to really do some work. New – innovative – personal.

Maybe 🙂 Moms at Work on Facebook is a great place to share gifs but with over 10K random strangers it is not a great place to try and make professional connections, ask personal questions or feel as though you are in a safe space! (hello advertising and data stealing). I hope that you saw what I was capable or creating on my own in a free facebook group. Now imagine what I can do with help in safe space! I want to get to know YOU! Can't wait :).

Yep - we will be offering partial bursaries (we ask that all members contribute some of the cost however small). To be notified when we open bursary applications you will need to join the waitlist!

The best part about Moms At Work is having a community of people who understand how very hard this world can be on working mothers. I appreciate the advocacy - for pay transparency, for equity, for corporate accountability to working women.