Grow your community, your career, and your bank account.

Join The Collective – an exclusive community that helps moms build their own boys’ club (but way better), get unstuck in their careers, build connections, and learn tools for success.

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Thank you to all our new members! Doors are officially closed until the Fall.

The Collective is for you if you’re tired of…

X Feeling stuck in your career.
From monthly office hours with career coaches to daily support from members making hiring decisions, you can take action and move forward in your career.

X Joining networking clubs that don’t work.
The Collective is run by women who were tired of the same old networking. No hustle culture. No competitive vibes. No bias against our ability to grow in our careers just because we are moms. Our nationwide meet-ups and career advice were designed just for you. In a way that has never been done before. 

X Not having anyone to help you get your foot in the door.
From resume workshops to LinkedIn connections to interview tips to building connections with women in almost every industry, doors will start to fly open. 

X Hiding your personal life from your professional life.
Sick days and doctors appointments and needing to work from home, we just GET IT. This is a community where you can share it all. No apologies. 

X Knowing you are underpaid.
Moms at Work is the leading voice in Canada in pay transparency and salary negotiation. Equity? Options? Flexible work options? More money? If you have never learned how to do this let’s fix that…now!

What you get when you join The Collective:

✅ 1-year access to our private community (moderated by Moms at Work founder Allison Venditti & team)

✅ Access to our monthly Career School Workshops (teaching you everything you never learned in school about growing your career)

✅ Networking with others in mid and senior-level roles (a little bit of feminism nepotism)

✅ Mini-Accountability groups (meet new friends and get the support you need to make moves in your career)

✅ Member Led Meet Ups (coffee walks, evenings out, casual get-togethers. No power suit required)

✅ Coaching and Office Hours (regular access to career coaches to answer your specific questions)

✅ A vault of recorded content (webinars topics from ‘What is success?’ to ‘How to negotiate a higher salary’, Guest expert lectures, etc. All recorded and vaulted for you)


How have you benefited from the learning content in the Collective?

What is the biggest result you’ve gotten from the Collective?

How is the Collective different from other groups you’ve joined?

Looking to get unstuck in your career?
Join our members who work for companies like:

We have members from over 200 companies – you will find your people whether you are in the public sector, private sector, healthcare, education, tech, sales, marketing or you run your own business. 
Our members are managers, directors, leaders and VPs. Come grow with us!

Who is The Collective for?

“I’m totally stuck!
I need a change and NOW!”

Ever find yourself daydreaming (or maybe just screaming..), ‘Is there more to my working life than this?’ The answer? There can be.

If you are taking 40 hours away from your kid, it had better be worth it. We are here to help you climb that corporate ladder or make that lateral move to a new company or position that pays you more. Our coaches create trainings and answer all your questions in our office hours. To top it off, our community is full of women making hiring decisions.

“I need a mentor but I have no clue how to find one.”

We know that having a mentor makes you 5x more likely to get promoted, but HOW do you find a mentor? Right here. We have women from all industries who are more than willing to guide you. Think of it like having dozens of mentors. We are here to help.

“I've submitted 90 resumes, reached out to everyone on planet earth on LinkedIn and landed a couple interviews, but then NOTHING!"

Your resume and interview skills are important.  And we can absolutely help you out, but… did you know that 85% of jobs are filled by knowing the right people? The Collective is where you can meet those people.


“I love what I do, but I KNOW I should be paid more.”

You’ve been doing your research. You’ve been giving it your all. You know it is time for an upgrade in your title and your pay grade, but how do you even begin to ask? Let us be your biggest cheerleader and give you the tools you need to ask for the new fancy title and the pay grade to go along with it. We can teach you the things you need to know about salary negotiation and be there to cheer you on as you go for it!

“If I have to go to yet another networking event where I
feel like I don't fit in, I'm going
to scream."

We hear you. This is EXACTLY why The Collective was created. Networking events were not created to build REAL connections. They have never worked. Until now. The Collective is not a networking group. It is a community of women coming together, getting educated, and lifting each other up.

Join The Collective for $899.
Doors are now closed until October 2024.


**Many employers will cover the cost for networking groups and professional development. Click here for our customizable letter to submit your request to HR or management. Over 40% of our members have their employers cover their fees. And if you are self employed – yes you can expense it!

What The Collective Members are saying:

Big wins for our members:

  • Salary increases of 50%
  • Made the leap to Leadership in a new company
  • Negotiated a 4-day work week in an executive position for a start-up
  • 15 members negotiated WITH a signing bonus in the last 6 months!
  • Launched their own Employee Resource Group at work
  • Published a children’s book!
  • Started their own recruitment firm
  • Landed jobs without applying- through connections made here
  • $5 million in increased salaries since 2021


Allison Venditti, CHRP, CHRL

Founder, Moms at Work

Allison Venditti is a career coach, Human 
Resources and return-to-work expert with over 
15 years of experience creating programs,
policy and best practices that improve workplace cultures and increase employee retention. She is
the founder of Moms at Work, Canada’s largest professional network for working moms.

Shafina Coelho

Career Coach and Return to Work Specialist

Shafina works with mid-career moms experiencing life
transitions that reflect on their career path and where
they want it to go. She brings over a decade of experience
 in HR and recruitment and has worked in an eclectic mix
of industries. Shafina’s approach is to bring clarity, confidence, and positivity to her clients. With her insider knowledge, she helps her clients focus on the things that will get them the job and career they are after.

Being a working mom almost broke me. I spent years fighting to fit into a space that wasn’t made for us to succeed. 

I thought there was something wrong with me. There wasn’t.

Networking, workplaces, events, opportunities, they weren’t accessible to me. 

I built this community because it didn’t exist. 

I built this community because women are 26% less likely than men to have a strong network and I can guarantee that for working mothers it is less.

I built the thing we needed.

And now it is for you.

To grow and connect.
To find a place to call your own
To grow your career.
To earn the money you deserve.

And be part of a space that was made just for you.

I hope you will join us.

The doors are now closed until the Fall. For as little as $87/month you can grow your career, your community, and your back account this year.


**Many employers will cover the cost for networking groups and professional development. Click here for our customizable letter to submit your request to HR or management. Over 40% of our members have their employers cover their fees. And if you are self employed – yes you can expense it!


No! We would love to have you join us – no baby required. Moms at Work is a safe space for women and female-identifying individuals.

I will admit that I talk a lot about 9-5 life but about 30% of our members are starting a small business or are already growing one.

You see there are groups for entrepreneurs, groups for new moms, groups for those who have been off work for a long time but no space where we can all meet each other.

I truly believe that the most powerful networks and learning comes when you are surrounded by people who have a common goal. Our goal is to help you grow – professionally, personally and together.

YES. Times a thousand. The reason is that I made this is because…it didn’t exist. A group that is all for you. With support and a community space that no other group or professional association can offer you. A safe space to really do some work. New – innovative – personal.

Yes, yes we do. The total fees for the program are $897.  We offer monthly payments of $89 to make the program more accessible.

We can understand that if you are looking for a career change, you wouldn’t want that information revealed. Send us an email at and we can do our best to help you.

The Collective is a year long program. It is not a monthly membership. We do offer payment plans to help make the program accessible but once you have committed, you are committed to a year. After that year, we send renewal notices and you can cancel your contract with us (although we hope you stick around 😉 )

The Collective was built for mid to senior-level women looking to build their connections but it has grown into so much more. Whether you are job hunting, looking for a career change, or title change, you will find what you are looking for here. Our members work in Marketing, Tech, Finance, Public service, engineering, Communications, Education, HR, Sales, healthcare and more. But really most of us have been working for 20+ years and have made several moves. We got a LOT of connections.

We have members nationwide setting up social events for the Collective. We currently have meetups in Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Belleville, Mississauga, Hamilton and more! We are expanding every launch with the goal of having Collective members in every province.

Invest in yourself and your future for as little as $87/month.