Coaching that gives you the tools and the confidence to get UNSTUCK in your career

You’ve been doing everything right.

You have worked your butt off going to the ‘right’ school and meeting the ‘right’ people and getting the ‘right’ job.  

You should feel like a million bucks and be on top of the world.

But behind the scenes

I will tell you a secret...

No one has it all together.  No one.

We all need a little help along the way (and not from your mom or your best friend who just tell you you have a GOOD job and to be grateful!).

We see you.

You’ve already got the ambition, the determination, the smarts.

You just need a plan (and maybe a cheerleader).

We’ve got career coaches with years of experience working in the system not only as HR professionals, hiring managers, and coaches, but as mothers.

How do you know if career coaching is for you?

You are feeling stuck or unmotivated in your current position.

Ever find yourself daydreaming (or maybe just screaming..), ‘Is there more to my working life than this?’  The answer? There can be. 

If you are taking 40 hours away from your kid, it had better be worth it.  We are here to help you climb that corporate ladder or make that lateral move to a new company or position that pays you more. Our coaches are skilled at helping you plan a career change.


You love what you do, but you know you deserve more.

You’ve been doing your research. You’ve been giving it your all. You know it is time for an upgrade in your title and your pay grade, but how do you even begin to ask? Let us be your biggest cheerleader and give you the tools you need to ask for the new fancy title and the pay grade to go along with it. We can map out that salary negotiation with you to maximize your earning potential.


You have been submitting resumes, making connections and (possibly) getting interviews, but then the phone never rings.

Sometimes it takes a small change to make a big difference. Let us review all of your assets (resume, LinkedIn, and interview skills) so we can tweak and prepare you to walk into that job board or the boardroom with confidence.


You have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time.

Whether you took a longer Mat Leave, left your position for personal reasons, or have been wrangling your kids until school picked up the slack, we help you get your feet wet again. We evaluate your skills, update your resume, and help you find that next career that is going to fulfill you.

You could continue to do this all on your own, or you could invest in your career and see a massive return on happiness, money, and so much more.

Whatever you need help with
we can tackle it.

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Meet our Coaches

Allison Venditti, CHRP, CHRL

Career Coach

Allison is the founder of Moms at Work, HR Expert and Career Coach. She has coached 1000s of women in her 1:1 sessions, trainings and group programs. Whether you are looking for your next thing, ready to start a new career entirely or just don't know what is next I can help you get clear and moving on with your life.

Shafina Coehelo

Career Coach

Shafina is a career coach & HR professional as well as a team coach in the Collective. Whether you need support in switching careers, returning to work from a break or need support with your interview preparation Shafina is ready to work with you to help you get there.

Allison offers career coaching & salary negotiation support starting at $300+HST per session

Shafina offers career coaching and resume/linkedin reviews starting at $175+HST per single sessions or coaching packages starting at $650+HST 

Send us an email below and let us know where you currently are in your career, where you want to go, and what you feel you want help with.  We will evaluate and connect you with the coach who would be best for your particular situation.  

We believe in pricing transparency and will always be clear about what we feel you need and attempt to work within your budget.

Want to work with us? Drop us a note

Hear from our happy clients:

It’s been the highlight of my year (aside from finding out I was pregnant with baby #2)! You helped me transition out of a VERY difficult work situation, navigate leaving on my terms and defining what I really wanted to do next (and held me accountable to it). You also helped me really grasp what I do best, where I need to build confidence to transition from an expert individual in the field to a leader in an organization (this work is still ongoing ha!). Simply put, you got my head on straight after a very challenging exit which is already resulting in a new space that I’m so excited by!

 – Rachel S