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one-to-one coaching to help you figure out what you want to do and give you the confidence and tools to go get it!


do any of these sound familiar?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled at work? Do you have tons of ideas of things you would rather be doing but don’t know where to start? Do you want to take the next steps in your career but don’t know what that looks like? Let me help!


I have been there. After I returned to work from my second maternity leave work hadn’t changed – but I had. I kept having this feeling that “this wasn’t working” which soon turned into me dreading heading into the office. I was spinning and upset and felt like I was wasting all this precious time being upset.

So I did what I had done with so many others and I coached myself and made a plan. I am now in a career I love and am excited to help others do the same.

here's what you'll get in my coaching sessions

this is for you if...

Coaching with Allison

$300 + HST

1:1 Salary Negotiation (with Allison)

Hands on Salary Negotiation

Coaching With Shafina

$100 + HST

It’s been the highlight of my year (aside from finding out I was pregnant with baby #2)! You helped me transition out of a VERY difficult work situation, navigate leaving on my terms and defining what I really wanted to do next (and held me accountable to it). You also helped me really grasp what I do best, where I need to build confidence to transition from an expert individual in the field to a leader in an organization (this work is still ongoing ha!). Simply put, you got my head on straight after a very challenging exit which is already resulting in a new space that I’m so excited by!

 – Rachel S

frequently asked questions

Each person is different (sorry super obvious but hear me out!) But we can work on all sorts of things:

Salary negotiation

Interview Strategy

Want to start a business?

Getting ready to make a change?

Unhappy at work and looking for a new career?

No problem!

You will leave each session with action plans and to do lists to keep the momentum going. 

I work with individual clients based on YOUR needs. My goal is to help you in the way that you need it – no long term commitment, no upfront payment – just solid advice and coaching when you need it. 

My time commitment is usually short – some people just need one session or three.

I know that there are lots of places out there that will work with you for 10 months or a year to slowly create change but….haven’t you been waiting long enough already?

Career Coaching does require a commitment from you. Your success is dependent on you being open to change, new ideas and trying things out. You will need to have the time, energy and commitment to make a change in your life! There are action items and homework to be done in between sessions so I suggest blocking out some time to devote to this process.

Honestly, if you knew that you wanted to be..say a nurse then you wouldn’t be here! You would be off becoming a nurse. I always say that I don’t need you to know what you want to do but I do need you to be clear on what you DO NOT want to do!

Nope. But if this is important to you I can send you some links of places to have this done for free.

When you work with me –  I don’t really care what colour your management style is. I care about how your work fits into your life, what makes you light up and creating work that work for you.

No you don’t and in fact less than 20% of people can ever define a single passion in their life. This comes up so often that I wrote a whole piece about it. Check it out here.

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If you need support for a career change, job growth or support for maternity leave return to work please have a look at my other services.