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Grow your career and your bank account in 2024.


Every. Single. Day. there is a new post in the
Moms at Work Facebook Group that makes me rage.

*let me be clear…not angry at YOU… 

at the WORLD…


Smart, capable, and skilled women are asking…

‘How do I change my career? I feel so trapped!’


‘I’m on mat leave and I have been they are keeping my replacement. Is this legal??’


‘I was offered a role but now that I have a contract in hand, the salary is way lower than originally discussed. Do I have any recourse?’


‘How do I even start to find a mentor and build connections so I can grow my career?’

Enter Me...

It isn’t your fault that you weren’t prepared to make changes in your career.

It isn’t your fault that you don’t know how much power you have.

It isn’t your fault that you think this is the best you can get.

You were never taught these things in school.
None of us were.

So, Moms at Work is going to do something about it.
We are taking you back to school.

Introducing: Career School by Moms at Work

12 workshops. 12 career topics you need to know.

Every month we are releasing a new workshop to give you the skills you need to 
upgrade your career and grow your bank account in 2024.

Here’s our value-packed schedule for the year.

✍️ January 29th, 12pm EST: Resume & Cover letters  
Dust off your resume and let’s get it updated!

🖇️ February 28th, 1pm EST: LinkedIn 
Use LinkedIn for your personal brand, not as a boring resume.

🤝 March 28th, 12pm EST: Networking 
Forget the Old Boys’ Club. Learn a new way.

💰 April 24th, 12pm EST: Salary Negotiation
Grow your bank account.

🎤 May 29th, 12pm EST: Leadership
What kind of Leader do you want to be?

💼 June 26th, 12pm EST: Mid-life Career Change
You CAN make a change. You are NOT stuck.

🏆 July 30th, 7pm EST : Redefining Success
What does success actually look like for you?

📈 August 22nd, 7pm EST: Career Growth 
How to grow your career.

👥 September 25th, 12pm EST: Mentorship & Sponsorship 
Finding mentorship in a community.

💸 October 29th, 12pm EST: Advanced Salary Negotiation 
Next-level negotiation.

🤱November 19th, 12pm EST: The Motherhood Penalty 
What to do about it.

🗣️December 17th, 12pm EST: Ask Me Anything
Open Q&A with Allison Venditti

Each workshop will be 45 minutes long followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. We will also include worksheets and checklists you need to take ACTION.

After each live session, the workshop will be put into an online space where you can access any and all workshops after they have been recorded.

You get access to all these workshops for just $197 
(worth well over $500!)



Allison Venditti, CHRP, CHRL

Founder, Moms at Work

Allison Venditti is a career coach, Human 
Resources and return-to-work expert with over 
15 years of experience creating programs,
policy and best practices that improve workplace cultures and increase employee retention. She is
the founder of Moms at Work, Canada’s largest professional network for working moms.

If this sounds like a dream come true, and you want to head back to school with us to learn things that will ACTUALLY grow your career and your bank account, click the button below.


Not to worry! We record every single session. We have an online portal where we will store all workshops so you can revisit them over and over again.

Absolutely! Obviously, the earlier you join, the more LIVE workshops you get. But if it is April and you are only hearing about Career School now, please join us. All of our workshops are stored in an online portal for you to watch in your own time.

Collective members will have access to every single one of these workshops as part of the Collective membership.
And if you buy Career School and want to join the Collective in April, stay tuned for a special deal 😉

We know times are tough, especially if you are looking for a new career or are being underpaid and you know this is the solution you have been dreaming of.
We offer a split payment option of $99 when you register and then $99 a month later.
Just click on the registration link and you can choose which option you prefer.

For as long as Moms at Work is around, you will have access.
We want you to use these workshops over and over again.If you love the content, please share this page with friends. The more the merrier!

Invest in yourself and your future for only $197.