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Moms at Work is a grassroots organization and professional association for working mothers. As a social enterprise our purpose is to end the motherhood penalty, amplify the women in our community and the causes that impact us. 

Issues we advocate for

Moms at Work aims to support working mothers at both the individual and systemic level. We work with all levels of government, corporations and advocacy groups to make change.



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We are not a charity – we are a female run organization for change. Please consider supporting our work

Frequently Asked Questions

Moms at Work will be filling a need to advocate for the specific needs of mothers. We will make almost  $1 million dollars less in our life time due to unpaid labour. We deserve a unified voice.

We partner with other advocacy groups and rely on our members support to do our work. Join our newsletter for opportunities to amplify our work and our campaigns, donate to our causes and follow us on social media

We belive that you can both run a business and make money. Women run businesses support others, donate more money and hire women. Running a business allows us to pay our staff, move quickly and decide how and when we work.

We have a whole section on our support us page for you to be able to work with us and support us financially. We do not work for free. We are happy to speak at your event, work with your organization or feature you on our blog. Please see applicable rates.

Send me an email. and let me know the campaign, our involvement and what you need from us.

Please consider supporting our work by visiting our support page