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You are smart, capable, and doing your best to try and make this all work.
You have done all the "right" things but something is still missing.

You likely have incredible kids and work hard in your career and thing might look great on the outside. But you are struggling. Struggling to find out how to be more connected. Struggling to make the money you want to have the life you want. Struggling to “have it all” as the saying goes.

You are doing all the “right” things and still don’t feel the spark. You are going through the motions and thinking “is this it?” Maybe you have taken a course, joined a leadership group. And yoga and coffee aren’t the fixes that you need.

How on earth did you get here? And how to heck are you going to get to a better place? Oh I get it. I really get it. And I want to help you

Founder of Moms at Work and a Career Coach who helps women (mothers especially) find careers they love, make more money and find the community that they have been missing. For the last several years I have worked with hundreds of women, helping them make some of the most difficult decisions of their life. 

But most importantly, I have been EXACTLY where you are.

Full honesty? I was miserable.

I did all the right things. Went to a good school. Got a “good” job. Worked hard. 

I never saw my kids. I cried on the train and was that parent who was late for pick up.

On top of that, I knew I was underpaid. I knew I deserved more. 

I didn’t have anyone to talk to about this stuff. And when I did find women I felt like they didn’t get it. 

I was told if I just leaned in more for a few years. If I took one more leadership course. If I just put my head down for a while that it would change. 


So I went all in

I read the books to teach me how to be like a man.

I put in a ton of effort at work (got myself 2 Starbucks gift cards for all my effort)

I burned out being on all the committees and birthday parties and pretending like I didn’t have kids at work.

I realized that the system was not set up for me to succeed. 

That the world of work was not designed for working mothers and so I set out to help women & to change the system.


So here is how I help - I help women find careers they love, make more money and build community.

Because here are the facts 

Compared to childless women, mothers are offered an average of $11, 000 less when they get a new job.

For every child a woman has she faces a wage decline of -7.8% per child and it’s cumulative.

A 2014 survey conducted in the UK surveyed 500 managers and found that 2 of 5 admitted to being wary of hiring women “of childbearing age”. 1/3 said they would prefer to hire men in their 20s and 30s to avoid the costs of women’s potential maternity leave.

So all that I do goes towards one goal – to help working mothers and women. And I do this differently than EVERYONE else out there. So that you can do work that makes you happy, while earning more money and showing your kids it can be different for them.

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