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Hi! I’m Allison Venditti. Career Coach, HR Expert, Salary Negotiation Whisperer, and Founder of Moms at Work. I have over a decade of experience helping women – make more money, grow their careers, and build communities designed to support and advocate. We are here to help you get answers to some of the biggest decisions in your life. The ones about work!

We will help you grow your career, earn more money and connect you with the resources, community, and education to help you grow.

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Coaching & Negotiation Support

We have a team of coaches and preferred partners who support women and mothers when asking for more money, during change careers and starting their own businesses. We offer both individual and group coaching programs.

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Moms at Work Collective is our online (and in-person when COVID allows) community. We provide networking, support, education, speakers, events and more. This is a smaller space to truly connect.

Courses & Programs

Salary negotiation, webinars, boot camps and more. We partner with experts to bring you the latest information and training designed with our community in mind.


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I have never found a space like this. I have never felt more empowered or supported. I am now a leader in my organization and I give the credit 1000% to the programs I have attended at Moms at Work

Shannon M